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Living on a boat this year was challenging and full club drama it was anything but a repeat of last year to say the least.  I got pictures to prove it!
toronto winter picture

Toronto Star Article

So let’s start from the beginning.

  This year was stinking cold so cold it broke not only the Toronto Jan 5 – 2018 temperature it also took out a big section of our docks! Check out some of these temperatures!  Imagine being in open water with wind on some of these nights!  It’ll man you up in a hurry!

Recently I’ve had the grand opportunity to take an overhead photograph of home from up in the air.

pcyc airplane
winter shrink wrap tear

BlogTO Article

    Well to end it off…. Jan 4 – 2018 a blast of wind came across the city wrecking havoc including my winter shrink wrap! Murphy’s law kicked in and while I was in Calgary I get a call saying the frame on the boat collapsed and the shrink wrap started to tear. So for the next 3 weeks it’s going to be a little chilly on the inside….my parts are showing!  🙂  

Winter Living 2015-2016

Winter Living 2016-2017