Transmission Failure

Great, if hitting and landing on top of a rock was bad enough.  Ready for this?  Just existing Glen Ross- Lock 7 close to a very strong current and without warning and without noise.  It felt like I had no power.  I revved the engine and nothing!  O_o  To the starboard was a dam, which I did not want to drift toward and I could see the next lock in front of me.   I managed to coast the shoreline and I was able to dock.   Whew, but now what!?

So before I go too far and eat up all your time reading this disaster.   Here is the summary.

  1. Lost thrust.
  2. Days docked waiting for the mechanic to fix the transmission clutch disk.
  3. $1500 later
  4. My partner in crime had to go back home and I was solo the rest of the way.
  5. Leaking transmission fluid.
  6. Generator cable catches on fire.
  7. Mechanic forgot to put gasket on.
  8. Personally had to attempt to reseal myself three times after, it still isn’t 100%.
  9. Power goes out in the winter and I have no %$#@ generation power to power my agitators.

Make a long story short the prop wasn’t turning.  I called a mobile marine mechanic which I believe took a couple of days before he could come out.   When he did he determined it had to be the transmission.  Not sure why but he unplugged all the grounds to the engine block before we proceeded to pull apart the very heave transmission body.  Anyway, what we discovered was the springs on the clutch disk basically all four crumbled.
So we ordered the part which costed about $150 and $1200 in labour. Took another two days for the part to arrive then a day to assemble.   Fired it up and had thrust!  Whew!

Mechanic went home and we needed power so I fired up the generator and chug-chug, cough, smoke and fire!   Like seriously!   One of the wires that led into the main circuit board going to the generator shorted out and caught fire.  What I found was the mechanic missed one of the ground wires to the engine block.  %$#@#$@#.   I don’t think there is any major damage (that is what I tell myself) other than replacing the shorted wire.   If it’s major I just blew up a very expensive piece of equipment.  And wouldn’t you know it this winter the power went off at PCYC at least three times and I had zero power.   Thank god it was a mild winter because if it was bad ass outside my boat could have easily frozen in.  So I guess I have to get that wire replaced while it’s still warm.
CPJ time had run out of time and had to head home.  I was solo the rest of the way. No generator power, oh well just get me home!


So I finally made it I was out of the lock system and was on my way back home across lake ontario.   It took about 20 hours straight to get to my destination at PCYC once I got out of lock #1 in Trenton.  Halfway across the lake during my checks I noticed the water in the bilge was all red.    I stop the engine and see I had no fluid in the transmission.   I topped it up and started up again.  Now I’m looking every 10 minutes, remember I’m in the dark now with only flash light power.  I noticed there was a constant drip where the clutch plate was.  Okay, I can live with that.  I had enough fluid to keep topping up till I get home and deal with it then.

I’m finally home and sometime shortly after I decided to pull the unit out myself, now that I’m an expert, and I noticed there was a very thin black gasket in pieces still attached.  I called the mechanic and he goes, oh I forgot to take the old one off and I’ll send you a new one.  LOL  I want half my money back is what I was thinking!

So I get this thing and put it back together, still leaking but not as much but it’s still dripping.  I do it again, this time I add liquid gasket sealer and put it on real thick.  Now it drips 1/4 of what it use to.  I’m done with it I can live with it.  So what I did was attach a small drip tray under it.  I’m not spending another dime nor bust up my knuckles.


  1. If you think it’s the clutch plate.  Do it yourself and save yourself $1000+ in labour.
  2. Unless somebody tells me otherwise don’t take the ground wires off your engine block.
  3. Don’t forget to put the gasket seal on.  lol