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Me and my friend Andrew got tickets to see The Spoons play at The Tattoo Rock Parlour in 2009.  We came early enough to see the opening act called Slave To The Squarewave.   And there was this guy standing on stage with a box on his head just standing there.

Then they started…these guys are a complete package.  It’s not just the music, it’s the act.  Performers!  I’ve never seen anything like it.  My fav tunes are Big Change, Alive and Electric, Strange Summer and of course Boy vs. Girl.

So, I’ve been following these guys since ’09.  I have literally thousands of photos.  I’ve seen them at Hard Rock, Tattoo, Mod Club, Clintons, CBC Studio, Riverboat Booze Cruz and Cadillac Lounge.  I really should take the time and make a hardcover picture book of all the things I’ve seen through the lens….one day.  It would be my first coffee table book.  Technically I should say my first galley table published book!

But I wanted to share some of my favourites on my blog.  I’ve learned so much about photographing with this band.  I never used flash, never stood in front of the audience.  All I had to work with was dim lights, sometimes just a light bulb. lol   It take lots of patience and never took my finger off the trigger…cause you never know!

Slave posted a song of theirs called White Knuckle Trip using photos I took.  You guys are the best!

To my brothers and sisters of Slave ( Colin Troy Macphail, Doug Lea , Craig Moffitt, Rob Stuart, Kim Stuart, Penny Robillard, Andrew Starr, Ben, Melanie)

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