Shakshuka is a North African dish.  Super easy to make.   I could do a full recipe but what I find is this.  Leftover pasta sauce and minor ingredients and your done.   I don’t have a skillet on the boat but a frying pan does the trick just fine.

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Spicy Shakshuka
  1. Saute pepper and onion till soft.
  2. Add in leftover pasta sauce. Adjust with Salt & Pepper and hot pepper flakes to your liking.
  3. Once sauce is brought up in heat. Reduce to lowest temperature.
  4. Add eggs on top and cover. These will cook for 5-10 min. When the egg looks cooked use your finger to gently poke without breaking the yolk. You want them to stay soft.
  5. Sprinkle Feta, Meat, Olives, Parsley to your liking on top then serve.