Let the homemade who makes the best pasta sauce wars begin.   To me it all comes down to really good tomatoes and balance of ingredients.   I swear I can make this a thousand times and it always tastes different.  I blame the tomatoes.  I mean how else do you explain it?  Train your palate for consistency.  Take your time.

Try and avoid things like field or hothouse tomatoes, yuk!  Stick with plum if you can.  A tomato is not a tomato.

For those who want to know why did I use a carrot?   Carrots have natural sugars and makes a perfect substitute to adding bagged sugar.  Go ahead try it!

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Basic Pasta Sauce
  1. 2 Cans of plum tomatoes in a large bowl and hand crush them.
  2. (Optional) 1 Can of spiced tomatoes in the same bowl. (Set bowl aside)
  3. Finely Dice Onions & Carrots
  4. In a pot add oil and (Onion/Carrot) mix.
  5. Put on Medium Heat. 15 Min
  6. After 15 min add Garlic, Salt, Italian Herbs, Pepper Flakes, Wine Vinegar & Anchovy Paste (Stir around for a minute or two)
  7. Raise Heat a little stir till water is gone, do not brown onions. Ruined if you do!
  8. Reduce heat to low add the tomatoes from bowl.
  9. When the sauce is starting to bubble add the baking soda. A little trick to smooth out the tomatoes acidity.
Recipe Notes

Let this cook slowly for a good hour (Low and Slow).  Add small amounts of sea salt throughout the cooking process till it's to your liking.  Keep it light over salting kills it.  If you do just add more tomatoes.

I use a hand blitzer to gride to a consistency I like when i'm done.


Don't over blitz it will turn into tomato soup.  Even though it will all taste the same it's more of a textural thing in the end.  So keep it light on the handheld unit.