… and interesting to watch break into other people’s boats.  Until they burglarize your boat!  Then you fully realize that they belong in the woods, not the city especially in a marina or your boat for that matter!

One of the key benefits of living on a boat is the fresh air.  I’d love to hear somebody’s reasonable explanation why I can leave all my hatchway and companion ways open throughout the night and maybe, maybe I’ll get one or two mosquitoes for the whole season!  You could never do this in a house let alone a cottage!  Perhaps it might have something to do with the fact the boat is on the water at least 50′ away from land.   I’m not complaining!

HOWEVER, the little bastards love marinas!  They’re everywhere including under the docks and they have no qualms jumping onto boats one right after the other as they do their rounds.   I forget who but some granola cruncher said one day they have a right to be here too!  WRONG!  That’s like saying hornet’s and rodents are welcome.  Well, in the summer of 2015 I had several encounters of the little bandits even while I was on the boat!  One night I caught one in the galley as I was sleeping.  I woke to to the noise and I chased the little $#@$@ off the boat.  He had nowhere to go so he jumped off the bow and and onto the dock and took off.   Well…he got revenge the next night.

I woke up and was making breakfast for my daughter.  I thought I could hear a scratching noise under the floorboards.   At the time my mast was out because the mast step was rusted and was getting replaced.  So I had this hole in the floor.

I took a flashlight and looked in…and wouldn’t you know it I had a stowaway trying to claw his way out!  Damn, he had at least 20′ of freedom.  He would not come out.  This time he decided to stay for three days.  He would come out and crap and piss all over the floor then go back under.  I had animal control come out and couldn’t get him out.  They said starve him out.  What a stink!

Eventually he left and I had this mess to deal with.  It was so bad it forced me to do a serious reno job in the V berth.  I was going to do that anyway but on my time not the raccoons!


Now before all the animal lovers start harassing me.  I did nothing to harm, even though I could (trust me I have my devilish ways) demolished the rat.   I did it humanly. I had to starve him out.   I had to book a hotel for a couple of nights and leave the door open.

So what did I learn….nothing.  You just gotta deal.  I guess I could keep the doors closed all the time but then why bother having a boat.  Or I could get a dog….no thanks.