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Huntington Beach Surf Competition

Huntington Beach Surf Competition

I was visiting my mom out in LA and had camera in hand.  I was driving her topless Mercedes Benz down toward Long Beach and hooked up onto highway #1 and heading toward Huntington Beach.  It was noon and decided to pull over and grab a bite, otherwise I would have just kept going.   Where I parked was right in front of something big going on at the beach.  I went for a walk noticed signs saying Huntington Beach US Open of Surfing.

So I whipped it out!  That’s right I pulled out my Canon 5D 70-200mm and watched the lens envy peeps drool.  ?

I was on the pier just taking some random test shots and this old Asian fisherman and his son where dangling their rods in the water.   He asked if I could take their picture and please email it to him.  The son was likely participating in this group shot feeling a little less enthused.  Why on earth I kept this picture all these years let alone post it here?  Anyway, it’s part of the story.



The two that won the championship unfortunately were not in any of the photos.  Carissa MooreAlejo Muniz.

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