Last couple of years I’ve been on a tennis high, can’t get enough of it! I’ve done years of pro photography and a foodie. Spent my working career as a Manufacturing Engineer and IT solutions.  And now I’m sailor in training and living on a sailboat!

How on earth did I end up living on a boat?  A couple of years ago I decided to change my life where and how I lived.

I’ve been following Garth Turner’s blog religiously over the years mostly for the humour and some of his pearly advice stuck. The house horny folks of Toronto and Vancouver are out of their minds.  Amazing as Toronto is I had my fill of city life and my daughter still has to finish school and we needed a place to live.  Let’s put it this way it’s not going to be a house!

A little background:  I love the outdoors especially the adventures of camping in Northern Canada.  It’s in my blood really.  The experiences of sleeping in a cold wet tent.  The sounds of critters running around freaking me out pretty much taught me to suck it up, do with less and let go of the fears of being eaten by a bear.  Besides, if a bear did attack it would likely go after Aubry first since she’s slower and is likely chewier in the middle!  ?

At one point I thought about moving north to Huntsville. I would have been happy.  But it was financially risky for me since I would be doing this alone.  I’m glad it didn’t work out that way for I would have lost one of the happiest years of my life.

In my search of what I wanted to do.  I stumbled on somebody’s blog about living on a boat. It didn’t take much to convince me that this was my calling.  As Peter Russell coined “Be a Man!” I took a leap of faith and just did it.  I mean what’s the worst that could happen other than drowning, sinking the boat, losing every last dime I had, enduring the humiliation of my peeps back home ridiculing and being scorned for the dumb ass decision I made?   I haven’t sailed a boat in almost 20 years let alone captain a 42’ tank.

The venture started down the Trent Severn 386 kilometres (240 mi) waterway with 45 locks and 39 swing bridges to go through.  Then across Lake Ontario 175 kilometers  (110 mi) single handed because city boy had to go back to work and start a new job.   The whole thing was insanely risky.My starting point was Midland and destination Port Credit.

An old boat, no money, might as well say no experience, a newbie sidekick, never did a lock system before…I mean this whole thing was crazy.  Other than some glitches on the way (landing on a rock and transmission issues) it was a huge success considering.

My BHAG is when Aubry is done school is figure out how to make this proposal work.  I’d love to take off and spend some time in the Pacific maybe go teach English in Thailand or something.   I figure somewhere in 10 years.   Well see how that goes.


Peterborough Lift Lock

Swing Bridge

The Shoot