Boat Lizard

My title used to be the boats jester, lol, I’m NO jester! ? When i’m on the boat, I take controll. I’m a girl who loves a good adventure or book, but my favourite hobby of all, is art. I’m always drawing or painting something. I rarely draw humans, but i’m really good at animals. I’m a total animal lover! I have two cats and one dog; Yogi,Snow, and Pup, I share them all with a my really good friend Ty. My dad doesn’t ever want pets on his boat, so I keep my cat’s at my mom’s house, and my dog at Ty’s house. Dad has had bad experiences with racoons eating his butter and fish.When I get home from school, I go straight to doing something artsy, but I also love to do math, I have to admit, i’m no pro at it, but it’s just so much fun, especially algebra. I’m in grade 8, going into 9 soon, which means high school! I’m really looking forward to it. I’m 14, and i’m the oldest kid in the whole school. I’ll be leaving soon to go to highschool, and i’m sad to leave, but also excited to see what’s out there for me.

I was dragged on this boat in 2015. When I got on it, the wallpaper was an ugly blue which was peeling off, it smelled like moth balls and diesel, and it was really, really dirty. Ugh! Things that aren’t organized make me stressed. I wanted to stay home with my bed and pets, but I had to go. But thank god I can still go back home. Now I have 2 homes ? I don’t mind small or dirty places, but I hate darkness. In winter, when the big plastic sheet thingy goes over the boat, it doesn’t allow sun to come in. Then it get’s dark, I hate that! So now i’m making my dad put windows in. I’m the kind of person who has air conditioning in winter. I love the cold! I can’t sleep in hot conditions. In summer, it get’s really hot! Oh my gosh, and there’s no air conditioning, because dad is to lazy to fix it. I’m up till 12:00 am, all hot, sticky, and feeling gross, and not only that, I HATE spiders! I like all animals, except that one. My ears ring and my throat goes dry every time I see one.  And sadly summer is when they all come out and croll in my bed, literally! My dad doesn’t care at all and calls me chicken. I’m not, he’de be surprised, cause i’m no chicken. But other than the heat and the hundreds of spiders, I like the boat in summer. I can go swimming with my friends, read, bike, or just relax, because it’s summer. But the one thing I hate to do in summer, or year round, is play on my ipad. I absolutely hate electronics. If someone let me, i’d be happy to pour water on my ipad. There is no fun in them, and they just make you addicted.  Alot of my friends have fallen for the electronics power, and they can’t stop. When i’m in the car with them, I look outside and admire the scenery, and all my friend has to say is ” Ugh! I hate this car! It has no plug in, my phone is dead! I’m already so bored! I’m dying!”. I still love my friends, but I think they need help! Anyway, that was all cons.

I’m always hungry, and boat always has food, even crickets. I don’t mind eating crickets, as long as they are seasoned properly, or else they just taste like cardboard. The air is really fresh, so at night, i’m out like a breeze. I love when dad takes me out on the water, because the warm air always makes me feel frisky. I don’t get dizzy, so I love when the boat rocks. On days when a storm comes, I watch the clouds roll in, booming thunder as they go. I like to watch lightning strike, and listen to the rain fall. It’s my comfort. In the clubhouse with really good staff, whom I’m friends with. Not often, but sometimes at night, they ask me dad to bring his portable speaker and play a scary movie. My favourite is Hush, but I hate jaws, probably because my dad played it too many times.

They have a pool, but I mostly want to swim in the lake, instead of the chlorine water. When the sun is out, I ride my bike to my secret place, just outside the clubhouse, and sit on the rocks and watch boats go by. If I recognize a boat that’s from the Port Credit, I try to race it back, but always lose. In winter when the lake freezes over, the harbor’s water becomes ice, and we can skate one it. I’m terrible at skating, but I’m still learning. After I ride my bike, I go to drink some hose water. We use it for everything, even to cook with, but I’m not picky about it. Enfact, I’m not picky about anything. And if I am, I try to not be. I always try to be positive. I love to learn how to make knots, for tying the boat. Learning anything about the boat is always fun.

That wraps it up. I love to live on a boat, and I really suggest it. Although if people have a spider phobia, I think they are going to have a problem ?