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Superbowl Chili Cook Off

So you want Cricket Chili, eh?   This is a special recipe for me and not something you ever thought you might try! I was accepted as a contestant to do a Super Bowl chili challenge on TV for the Marilyn Denis Show. Gurdeep Ahluwalia, Lynn Crawford and James Cunningham where the judges.

The first thing I thought was I wanna do something really hard and really hard to win.

So what is going to make this so hard since it’s vegetarian(Or is it)?  Bugs!   The hard part is getting the judges of this contest to put aside their food prejudices and win them over with the courage to triumph over their fear in eating insects as a food source.  It turned out two of the judges wasn’t exactly fond of the idea of eating crickets.  But that’s okay, I knew it was going to be a hard sell.

A special thanks to Marilyn for letting me compete on her show.  Sarah Milligan was super awesome and fun to work with.  Thank you Stacie at Entomo Farms in supplying me the secret ingredient to make this work.

For those interested in learning more you can check out my entomophagy page to get all the latest juicy bug details.

Cricket Chili