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Canadian Goose

Unwanted Guests Have Arrived!

canadian-goose-empty-eggWoke up one morning to an abandoned egg on the finger of my slip.  Didn’t think too much of it and the next day there was another!  Now this is where I get annoyed.  The next day my bed is right beside this nest.  The mother and father are honking and freaking out fighting with another couple ultimately chasing them away…it was like 6am…seriously?  Well now these vermin won’t go away!

Myself and my neighbour Brad#2 are now held hostage for the next month till these eggs hatch and they split. I’m telling you I should have made omelettes the day after they plopped those things on the dock.  I waited too long to deal with it and now I’m stuck.

Grrrrrr  Rumour has it these things take about a month to gestate. I get a lot of hissing when I get on and off the boat but so far it hasn’t come to blows….yet! May 14 (Mother’s Day) Woke up AGAIN to non-stop honking after a heavy night of bevvies…Went outside to throw a propane tank at them.  Only to find an egg open and no gosling.   I showed mercy but let me tell you I was tempted!

NOTE TO SELF:  Do NOT leave messy ropes laying around, these flying dogs will make a nest out of it.