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Adios Amigos

So long and farewell, Adiós Amigos!   Well, it’s not quite like I won’t be back to visit.  But definitely a pivotal stage in my life.   After living my whole life in Canada I decided on selling my boat, leaving my friends and family behind.  Not so easy to do, you try it!   November 2019 I moved to the US taking a big chance without anything but a three year working visa.

Leaving also meant I wouldn’t be living during the winter again on the boat, sounds crazy but some of my best days where being isolated inside during the cold months.  I’d be leaving my pirate peeps behind back at the club house.  And of course I was Mr. Movie night, I was notorious for showing questionable material but still drew a crowd, kiss those days good-bye. Hosted epic boat parties on that boat which will not be forgotten.  After the fact I should have taken more photos to prove it.  Oh, if those haul walls could talk!

I should mention, though she won’t admit it, my daughter deep down inside loved the frigid walks to the boat, frozen tooth paste and no sign of sunlight.  🙂

Appended Aug 2020 – Well didn’t I just walk into madness! Riots, pandemic and a major economic swan dive!