Tecumseh - tə-KUM-see Tecumseh an iconic folk hero in American, Aboriginal and Canadian history. Friendship Sloop May 14 - 2017 David Frid, Len Hilton and yours truly left Toronto GTA at 9am to take the Tecumseh (Friendship Sloop) Canada's oldest registered sailboat...

Canadian Goose

Unwanted Guests Have Arrived! Woke up one morning to an abandoned egg on the finger of my slip.  Didn't think too much of it and the next day there was another!  Now this is where I get annoyed.  The next day my bed is right beside this nest.  The mother and father...

Winter Living 2016-2017

What winter?   I think I turned on my agitator once this year!

Chili Cook-Off

So you want Cricket Chili, eh?   This is a special recipe for me and not something you ever thought you might try! I was accepted as a contestant to do a Super Bowl chili challenge on TV for the Marilyn Denis Show. Gurdeep Ahluwalia, Lynn Crawford and...

Penne al Salmone e Vodka

So you want to impress somebody!  Make this dish.  And the best part is you might potentially burn the house down, in my case set my sailboat on fire!  But the results are so worth it!  Penne, Vodka, Cream, Cheese and Salmon! This is probably one of my favourite pasta...


ENTOMOPHAGY … YOU EAT BUGS? Gross you’re never cooking for me again!  White people they can be ignorant sometimes!  (Tongue-in-Cheek playing the race card)  Sadly, it’s going to take a lot more education, availability, a little courage and a convincing entomophagy...


Me and my friend Andrew got tickets to see The Spoons play at The Tattoo Rock Parlour in 2009.  We came early enough to see the opening act called Slave To The Squarewave.   And there was this guy standing on stage with a box on his head just standing there. Then they...

Mexican Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

After watching “Food Choices” on Netflix I started feeling guilty about some of my wreckless eating habits.  Not sure what made me think of Tortilla Soup but I did and this is what I came up with. Before I get started there are a couple of things I wanted to achieve....

Ghormeh Sabzi

This is special entry inspired by my favourite Persian friend Bahareh is called Ghormeh Sabzi.   She was telling me one day about some dish I had no idea how to pronounce (What can I say I’m white! ) and how amazing it is.  I’m like okay how do you make it?   There...

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Living on a boat will be one of the most fulfilling life experiences you can have.  Besides giving me an outlet to practice my much needed writing skills.  My hope is those who stumble on this blog can take away something useful from it.  I’d love to know if I persuaded you to take the plunge!

Other sections of this blog are things that I’m either passionate about or amuse me.  So have fun exploring especially my future special section on Entomophagy. ( en(t)əˈmäfəjē )   just keep your mind open.  Trust me you wont die!

Brad Budge


Hire me as your private chef to give you an exclusive private dining experience in your home or on your boat!  Want to do something special like an anniversary or birthday or perhaps you have a special guest staying and want to leave the cooking to somebody else?

About Me

Why am I doing this? I want to give back to you the things I’ve learned living on a boat. Tell you about the stuff I love to cook and a little bit about the things that amuse me.

Even though I’m a man of many talents I’ll do my best and stick to the things that are mostly boatish. ☺

“It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it.”
~ Albert Einstein

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