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I must have hit my head or something.  Being heavy into photography I didnt do many pictures and capture all the important details on my very first winter living experience!  Grrrrr.  Ill do better for 2016-2017.

I got very lucky for the 2015 winter season.   There basically was almost no snow and maybe 3 or 4 really cold snaps.  When those cold days did come it got so cold the walls inside the boat that didnt have protection had heavy frost on it.

My neighbour Wallace and Sharon did a pretty good job on their boat with the fancy lights.   Gives me something to think about for this winter.

The one thing I should have done was to put transparent windows on the south side of the boat.   Having more light would have been nice.  Doing this creates more of a greenhouse effect inside and makes a difference for adding a little warmth.   Plus, it looks really esthetic.


Winter Living Lessons Learned


  • You need a minimum of 3 plug in heaters for a 42 boat.  I started off with one.  The picture to the left shows what it looks like when a young schoolgirl almost freezes to death with only one heater!   It was (7C or 45F) inside the boat.
  • Make sure you have a generator.  Yes, the power went off at least 5 times!  Thankfully the winter weather was mild and the lake ice didnt creep onto the haul.  That would not be good.  lol  Which reminds me I gotta get my generator fixed.
  • Oh watch that step when you walk out your door.  I fell a couple of times, duh!  Black Ice on the docks everywhere!
  • Just have fun.  Its not so bad.  Once you have good heating you’re all set.

Winter Living 2016-2017

Winter Living 2017-2018